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We generate direct quality deals and transactions in LatAm by identifying, screening, developing and adding value to medium-scale projects in important sectors.

Accordingly, Zyta Capital operates as a powerful business development, deal sourcing, and mature opportunities investment platform.

Direct and quality deal flow in Latam

Direct and quality deal flow in LatAm

We use our unique and strict due diligence process to narrow the investment decision makers’ universe to a handful of suitable opportunities to invest.

Our geographical area of deals focus in LatAm is concentrated in major and promissory countries in the region: Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Mexico.


Zyta Capital aims to swiftly capture opportunities which meet agreed investor requirements mainly in next industries in LatAm: Mining Precious Metals, Oil & Gas – Small and Marginal Fields, Infrastructure and Energy.

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Increasing the success chance

Because we understand the financial and strategic needs of the medium size business firms from LatAm we perform as facilitators in the flow of funds and help them in raising funds and ultimate solutions for their development and growth activities.

Zyta Capital brings proven experience in supporting owners and managers of small and middle-market companies across a broad array of remarkable industries in LatAm.

Latin America continues to grow as a destination for mining investment, exploration and development on the back of its highly prospective geology, reduced cost profile and attractive mining environment.

Reserves in the region make up 20 percent of the global underground oil reserves, with this on hand and having a favourable regional regulatory environment the outcome is the solid operational results for Latin American oil and gas companies.

Latin America is hobbled by its inadequate infrastructure and energy systems. More than 60% of the region’s roads are unpaved, poor sanitation and lack of clean water are the second-biggest killers of children in the region and losses of electricity from transmission and distribution networks are among the highest in the world. Lately, a window of opportunity to upgrade them opens up.

Zyta Capital as trustful counterpart

We pursue a prolific collaboration with strategic allies and sponsors in LatAm, imagine yourself getting more done in less time. 

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Our process implies that a preselected quality deal will be introduced to our exclusive base of investors (family offices, institutional clients, HNWI, PE´s) on a deal by deal basis according with its merits.

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Flat corporate culture, an emphasis on work-life balance and social consciousness.

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